It was a close race for the top three posi ons of LCC’s Biggest Loser Season Two. I am so happy to say that LCC’s Season Two BIGGEST LOSER is SANDY NEWMAN!!!!! Sandy lost a total of 23.4 pounds for a total percentage of 11.4! That is awesome, Sandy! We all congratulate you and your success!!!!!

In second place, with only a .2% difference is RACHEL ANDERSON!!!!!! Rachel lost a total of 29 pounds for an 11.2% weight loss! That’s an in- credible amount of weight, Rachel!!! Congratulations!

In third place is JOHN GARRETT !!!!! John lost a total of 22 pounds for a 9.5% weight loss. Amazing!!!! You did a super great job!

Taking a jump into fourth place is Jim Owen, losing 17.1 pounds for a total percentage of 7.8.

In fifth place is Lisa Moeller, losing 13.2 pounds for a 6.5% weight loss.

I am so proud of all 28 participants who joined Biggest Loser Seasons One and Two. A grand total of 284.8 pounds have been lost!!! That loss is a significant GAIN to many LCCers’ health and well-being. It has been a privilege to come along side each of you on your journeys to better health and happiness. I enjoyed our weekly contact and times of encouragement.

If anyone is interested in participating in a Season Three of LCC’s Biggest Loser, please contact me at The contest would begin March 1st and run l Memorial Day Weekend.

Want to know how George is doing on his New Man’s Journey? Time is running out on his goal to lose 100 pounds by March 1st. Will he make it? Will he have raised $100,000? Come to LCC’s Winter Gala to find out!