Dining Room

The versatile Dining Room is located in our newly built Lighthouse Commons. Your rental of this space includes dining room seating for 150, and a hot and cold drink preparation area. You’re responsible for paper plates and plastic silverware for meals.

$270 For 4 hrs
$810 For 12 hrs

Lakeview Annex

Our Lakeview Annex is a lovely, large screen-enclosed patio area that seats 400. Suitable for events from wedding receptions to fundraising dinners, the Annex is a beautiful blank canvas for any occasion. Rental includes hot and cold drink prep facilities.

$300 for 4 hrs
$900 for 12 hours

Heritage Room, Magill Classroom, Presidents' Hall

The Heritage Room, Magill Classroom, and Presidents’ Hall are multi-purpose rooms off of the Dining Room in Lighthouse Commons. They make great classrooms, and easily serve a range of other functions: we’ve have board meetings, bridal showers, craft rooms, and wedding preparation spaces inside!

$60 For 4 hour
$180 For 12 hours


The Tabernacle, one of the oldest structures on the grounds, is the heart of Lighthouse Christian Camp. It provides seating to 600 (wooden pews), use of nursery, stage, piano, keyboard, and a Sound System Operator for scheduled services.

$300 per 4 hour use

Linda Williams McGrath Memorial Hall

Linda Williams McGrath Memorial Hall is our meeting and recreational space on the east end of the grounds. It has a kitchenette & restroom, and is heated. It’s a great space for the kids to hang out on a rainy day! Activities must be adult supervised.

$200 For 4 hours
$600 For 12 hours


Our gazebos are on the grassy lawn area between Lighthouse Commons and the Tabernacle. They’re outfitted with picnic tables and have cement floors.

Large Gazebo (Leaseholders no charge)
$60.00 per 4 hour use $15.00/hr

Small Gazebo (Leaseholders no charge)
$50.00 per 4 hour use $12.50/hr

Sports pavilion (Leaseholders no charge)
$70.00 per 4 hour use $17.50/hr

Minimum charge up to 4 hours, hourly after 4 hours
Expectation is that all facilities rented will have adult supervision.


  • LCC will provide a list of approved caterers, or to have your caterer approved, please contact the camp business office at (716) 795-3216.
  • A discount of 10% is given on service facilities rentals for groups from Free Methodist churches. When leaseholders rent a service facility and it is returned to its original condition a refund of 25% of the rental of the service facility is granted.
  • Deposit policy. A 30% deposit is required to confirm any reservations. Minimum deposit is $50.00. Full payment is required 10 days before reservation.
  • Our expectation is that all service facilities be cleaned and in same condition as when received.
  • Our Public Restroom with hot showers is available to all. Recreation areas including basketball, sand volleyball, tether ball, horseshoes and toddler play areas are also freely available. Our 24/7 coin operated laundromat is open all season. Picnic tables and covered gazebos are available in several locations. Our goal is to make you happy you came!
    •••••Contact the office for special wedding and/or reception pricing and conditions.•••••