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Welcome to the Lighthouse Christian Camp website. During our membership meeting on Memorial Day weekend, 2018, Lauren Sheridan, offered this prayer that expresses our desire for each one of you who visits our camp.

“Dear Jesus, thank You for this place and this opportunity to grow Your kingdom here. Thank You for what we have been able to do so far and what we are planning to do in the future. We pray for this season and for Your guidance. We pray that Your hand would be upon those in our LCC community that are struggling physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually. We know You provide all things.

May we leave here each time with wider eyes to see how You see, open ears to hear the needs of others, slower tongues to say what is kind, fuller hearts to love those around us and more time to give back.

Please bless our fellowship together, amen.”

Don Thorp, LCC BOT President

Save the Date!

2018 Dates:

Winter Gala: Feb 10
Memorial Day weekend: May 26-28
June Friday night dinner: June 8
Fathers Day: June 17
Family Camp: June 30-July 7
July Friday night dinner: July 20
Keen Kamp: July 22-27
Empty Nesters: July 27-29
Mexican Fiesta: August 4
Getaway Camp: August 4-10
Dominican mission trip: August 11-18
Aug Friday night dinner: Aug 17
Labor Day Weekend: Sept 1-Sept 3
September Friday night dinner: Sept 21
Customer appreciation weekend: Sept 21-23
Fall Festival: Oct 6-8