A Message From Our President
I believe Christian camping holds a special and significant place among the various ministries of Christ’s body, the church.
Darlene and I have dedicated many years to Christian higher education. We believe strongly in the importance and value of this ministry. We also believe in Christian missions. We spent the month of January in central Africa, and plan to return next winter for several months.  And we believe strongly in the importance of vital local congregations. I served full-time for three years as superintendent of our Free Methodist churches in the Southern California and Arizona conferences.  So when I say that Christian camping is an important ministry within the church, I am not demeaning these (and other) ministries.

On the other hand, Christian camping does some things that these other ministries do not do, or can not do as well. Some of my most satisfying teaching experiences have been as a Bible teacher at Christian camps. Why? The camp setting offers an opportunity for daily study in a way not typically experienced in the local church.

But there’s more to it than that. It’s the focused concentration and combination of Bible study along with daily prayer, worship, spiritual inspiration and Christian fellowship… that goes way beyond the usual weekly experience.  It is unique to Christian camping, and not to be found anywhere else. I also believe that Christian camping offers an extraordinary opportunity for evangelism, baptisms, recommitments, spiritual renewal and growth. And besides all this, for many, it provides an extraordinary time with family and friends! I would add one more thing.
Darlene and I have visited many Christian camps. We have never seen a Family Camp as intergenerational as at LCC. That is extraordinary, and in my book, an added plus.
I thank God for the ministry of Lighthouse Christian Camp!