Lighthouse Christian Camp is a family-oriented campground that provides spiritual inspiration, relaxation, recreation, and fellowship in a Christian environment.

We are a Christian Organization

Each member and visitor at LCC is encouraged to act and live in a Christ-like manner. It should be clear that following Christ is more about what can be done than what cannot be done. However, functioning within a Christian community does involve a willingness to abide by policies and rules that are designed to promote Christian community. Therefore, members and visitors are expected to abide by guidelines and rules. These policies are intended to provide for the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all our Association Members, their guests, and visitors to the grounds, including those renting our housing facilities or campsites.

To maintain a safe environment, we do not allow smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, illicit drug use, or gambling on the campgrounds.

Owned and operated by the Buffalo/Genesee Camp Meeting Association of the Genesee Conference of the Free Methodist Church

We aspires to create an atmosphere in which individuals, families and groups experience spiritual inspiration, relaxation, recreation, fellowship, learning and renewal in a safe and wholesome Christian community.


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Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 3pm

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